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by Chris / 3 years ago

Looking for a new job but suck at interviews? Then you’re in luck cause I have some helpful advice for you!

The first thing you do is stand your ground, wave your arms, and make a lot of noise. You may be asking yourself, “Wait is that advice for job interviews or how to survive a bear attack?” I mean unless you are 100% sure that your potential employer ISN’T a bear then… well you should still take some bear mace just in case. Cause that’s when all bear attacks happen after all. When you least expect it!

But in all seriousness, to prepare for interviews, the best practice is to have an answer for typical interview questions.

What skills can you bring?
What are your weaknesses/strengths?
What would you do in x situation?
Describe a time you overcame a difficult situation and how you went about it.

If you don’t know an answer, be honest about it and don’t make something up. Having a good answer for these is a good 60% chance of being hired, the remaining 40% is confidence. Be confident in yourself. If you were picked to interview then it was for a reason, so remember that.

Do some research into what the company is about. That shows you have interest in the company. Honestly, I think for me this is the biggest one- have questions for your interviewer. Ask things like what will a day at work look like, or if you’re interested in it, ask what advancement looks like (time frame, what they look for). It makes the interview picture you in that position as well as the picture you growing with the company.


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