Solo Hiking Trip

by Chris / 3 years ago

Story time hikers!

We stayed with my wife’s parents before our vacation to California. They live in Alabama, an hour and a half from Atlanta and 20 minutes from the Talladega National Forest. I thought I’d get a quick overnight hike in! I thought I had repacked all of my gear, so I grabbed my pack and headed off to the woods, without double checking everything. Big mistake!

Once I set up my hammock I notice I was missing my “ditty bag” which had my bug net, bug spray, and toilet paper so I knew the night was going to be a fun one. I proceeded to hide under my sleeping bag as to not give an open meal ticket. Around 9pm I had an audience of blood suckers all hanging out on the inside of my tarp. All of them just waiting to find a part of my pink fleshy body to feed on.

After what felt like an eternity I heard something much larger flying and flapping around my tarp. I quickly turned on my light, thinking that I somehow awoken a alpha mosquito from prehistoric times, but found a bat. Yes, a freaking bat! He was happily eating up all the bugs, but he quickly left the second I turned on the light. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the bugs were gone.

So, hikers, the moral of this story is, if you forget your bug spray make friends with a bat! I think…

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